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The Mandala Group (“The Mandala”) was established in 2001. The Mandala is named for the Sanskrit word for “circle”, and is a representation of completeness, harmony, unity and prosperity. This is the philosophy behind The Mandala and our commitment to our customers, partners and the communities we belong to.

The Mandala Group is a leading private property development and investment company with head offices in both Sydney and Adelaide.  The company was active in development for over 10 years and then shifted its focus mainly on investment and operates as Family Investment Office.  Now, Mandala has assets and Holdings in residential, Office, retail, medical and health, entertainment venues, private equity and public listed companies, in countries from China, Switzerland to Australia.

The Mandala Group is a business that contributes to and believes strongly in the ongoing prosperity of our people, our great cities and our country.  Our vision is to become one of the substantial and sustainable investment companies in Australia.  We continue to grow our already strong reputation within the property and business communities and add on portfolio of assets and equity investments in our highly targeted properties and/or high growth companies.

The Mandala Group is a Property Development and Investment Company, delivered quality projects of enduring value.

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