Property Investment

Property Investment is another core business Mandala Property Group

MPG has a long term vision, identifying opportunities with significant future potential to add and create value for the company and stakeholders.

Our company focuses on growth areas. We identify assets in these areas where MPG is able to better manage and make improvements to increase both cash flow and capital gains.

MPG acquires properties on its own, or where strategically beneficial, invite co-investment with Institutional and Private entities.

Over the last ten years, MPG has built up a considerable portfolio of real estate in Australia and China.  These assets include land, car parks, residential buildings, office buildings, hotels and shopping centers.

Through careful selection and management of these and future investments, The Mandala Property Group continues to grow by offering consistently strong returns on investment

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MPG will help you to identify Opportunities, purchase assets or land, optimise efficiency, add value and maximise investment returns.

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